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How Strabo works

Strabo connects all your assets & liabilities into one dashboard, giving you a holistic view of your net worth instantly. Seeing all your money in one place is just the beginning. You can also transfer money between accounts using Strabo and be in control of your finances wherever you go.

Watch your wealth grow with Strabo's portfolio & real estate trackers while keeping a close eye on your credit cards, loans, and mortgages. Really useful if you're intoFIRE.

All of this is done over the cloud using Open Banking APIs that put the customers in control of their financial data.

Your data, your choice!


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Connect all your accounts around the world

Money Transfer

Transfer money between accounts and countries

Net-Worth Tracker

Track all your wealth and liabilities over time

Portfolio Allocation

Track all your investments, everywhere

Real Estate Tracker

Track your residential and commercial properties

Export to CSV

Download all your financial data instantly

"If it’s actually possible to put all of my data into one view, it would certainly change my life"

Christian, Business Manager @ Microsoft


"I like condensing my accounts into one app for easy management. I’m a U.K citizen and I have 5 bank accounts & a student loan"

Rhiannon, Dietician @ NHS